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1930 MG M-Type

1937 MG SA Saloon

1937 MG VA Tourer

1947 MG Y-Type Saloon


THANK YOU Friends and Family

Posted on Saturday 21st

At 21st August I am in 2nd place in the World - I can't Thank You all enough. My "Saftety Fast MG Team" is in 1st place in the World, and the "Nossa Drive" for DGD that I am helping to organise is also in 1st place in the World. Just amazing to lead this great cause in support of Men's Health through "The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive" and "Movember".

Getting behind the wheel for The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive

Posted on Thursday 29th On Sunday, September 26th 2021, I'll be taking part in the world's first The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive. Together with thousands of classic car enthusiasts around the world, I will be raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health on behalf of Movember. Before the dapper day, I'll be looking to raise as much as possible for the cause, to help men around the world live happier and healthier lives. With men's chances of developing prostate cancer later in life increasing, and one man dying every minute by suicide, we must do all we can to prevent more men from suffering. Movember is working to raise awareness, and fund life-saving research into saving men around the world through early-detection and education, and we're helping them continue their incredible work. This is something that affects us all and together, we can make a change. Please give what you can.

Our Vehicle

We are driving together and together have raised $1,535

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Ellen Wilson

$349 USD
Wayne Kirwan

Go shagger

$142 USD

Good luck Mate.

$137 USD
Noel Madigan

Great effort Tony.

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Terry Jones

Good luck Tony, a worthy cause, love Deb & Terry

$71 USD
Don Phillips

Hi Tony, Happy to help out. Enjoy the drive. Didn't know you were a closet Distinguished Gent !!!! Cheers. Don

$71 USD
Matt Spoljarevic

$71 USD

$71 USD
Sven Noack

Good luck Tony, great work 👍

$68 USD
Wendy Andersen

Great work Tony. Cheers Wendy

$36 USD
Johanna Van Genderen

Good luck for such a worthy cause. Cheers Johanna

$36 USD
Clifford Kelly

Keep up the good work

$36 USD
Colin Patience

Good luck Tony...

$36 USD
Susan Hawkins

$36 USD
Steven Koster

Good work mate

$36 USD
Darren An Leilani Sullivan

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John Hewitt

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Colin Schiller

Have fun

$36 USD
Christine Gore

Better Late than never

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$34 USD

Go Tony

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Peter Linn

See you there!

$14 USD
Brian Campbell

Well done Tony

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Howard Lawrence

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Tony Slattery

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$14 USD
Lynda De Marchi

Good luck with your goal. Raising so much!

$7 USD

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