The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive is a themed event, focusing on the classic style of both man and machine. Dress dapper and celebrate in style with your fellow gentlefolk!

Need more information on what to wear on the day of the Drive? Take a look below at some wonderful expressions of style, with a few notes of what you can do to put your look together!

The Classic Suit
Keep it classic with a clean simple suit with a single or double breast. A flat colour base, with a patterned tie and pocket square to match (and don’t forget to have it tailored)

Need for Tweed
If you’ve mastered the suit, why not try your hand at textures? Tweed is a perfect place to start, securing Silversteed’s seal of approval as a certified classic fabric.

Be Adventurous
Experiment with combinations of patterned and plain ties and pocket squares. These will truly elevate your look and help you showcase your style.

Looking For More
Suits don’t need to be single matching pieces. Explore your colours to mix and match, add a cream pants to a navy blazer and waistcoat to expand your wardrobe and keep your look fresh.

Dress to Impress
Whether it’s a longline dress or a pants suit, make a statement with your look and throwback to timeless fashion.

Eyes on the Time
Arrive on time and in style with a classic timepiece. Whether it’s on your wrist or in your pocket, watches are a must for any distinguished gentlefolk.

The Neck Scarf
Ties aren’t your style? Add a bit of contemporary flair with an ascot or neckerchief.

Driving Gloves
Get the real classic driving experience with a pair of driving gloves. Reach a new a level of style and comfort to keep you driving for longer.

Classic Cap
Trilby’s, fedora’s, and sun hats are encouraged; however, perhaps head scarves and fitted caps are better suited for those driving with the top-down.

The Classic Shoe
Whether you’re wearing slip-ons or stilettos, keep your footwear classy. Just make sure you can work the clutch.

Make it Personal
Pick your favourite go-to pieces to complete your look. Badges and broaches, tie bars and cufflinks. These are the finishing touches that make your style yours.

True Dapper Style
Complete your dapper look with an official DGD pin, purchasable only through the Gentleman’s Drive Shop.