DGD Photo & Video Upload

The future growth The Distinguished Gentleman’s Drive is fuelled by amazing photography and videography. We rely on donations of media to help us grow the concept and save more lives. We rely on the incredible support we get from photographers and videographers all around the world, who dedicate their time and their craft to capture their local event. Thank you for supporting the cause and for capturing your local Drive!

We ask that you provide us with your Instagram, Facebook, and website links so that we can do the right thing and provide credit when we use your photography and videography.

Are you capturing Photography?

If you're taking photos, the best shots to showcase the DGD often feature a mix between classic cars and their dapper drivers in a combination of posed and natural actions! Just visit our Instagram Page (@gentlemansdrive) to be inspired by the photography we post! Our key subjects will always be the drivers and their cars that are unique to each city. To help further, here's a brief content shot list to help steer you in the right direction:

  • Well-dressed dapper gentlefolk who have taken the time to carefully curate their clothing
  • Couples, friends, or pets interacting
  • Unique cars at side, front, or quarter angles
  • People standing by their personal cars
  • Folks inside their cars, either shooting from the outside, or inside
  • Photos at unique city landmarks, showcasing the vehicles and their city

Reference photos by Rotta Media

Are you capturing Videography?

If you are shooting video footage, we have provided a content guide that you can use as a reference that can help us with both featuring your Drive in 2021, but also for our 2022 Launch Video. As a first year event, developing content that we can use for the next 12 months is vital, so anything you are able to shoot is hugely appreciated.

Download Content Guide

How do I share the content I have captured?

Scroll down to the Upload Form to get started. We will need all the relevant information to ensure we can credit correctly.

Drag or upload all photos and videos in the Upload Area. If you are sending large video you can send this via WeTransfer or Dropbox link to info@gentlemansdrive.com

Copyright Statement

You must be the lawful copyright holder of any photo or video that are uploaded and by uploading you give express permission for your photo or video to be shared across all DGD channels, DGD partner channels and media organisations.

Content Upload Form

Complete the content upload form below. You can only upload one format at a time. If you are uploading both photo and video, you will need to submit the form twice.