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1959 MG A


36 hours to go...

Posted on Friday 24th

just over a day until the first Distinguished Gentlemans Drive kicks off - verty exciting!

Bluey has been buffed, fettled and sorted ready for the day and myself and my co driver Darren Foley will be dapperly dressed to delight!

Thanks to everybody that donated to our fund - really appreciate it

Distinguished Gentleman’s adrive

Posted on Sunday 22nd

Taking Bluey out on a few extended runs in preparation for the Distinguished Gentleman's Drive next month - beautiful Queensland day for a blast around Buderim today!

thanks to everyone who has donated so far - really appreciate all of the support for this extremely worthwhile cause raising funds for men's health.

Thanks for the donations!

Posted on Wednesday 11th

Within 24 hours of launching the page I have recieved almost $800 in donations and I'm really thrilled to be able to do something I love and being able to raise much needed money for mens health!

Australians, generous by nature are currently leading the world in donations to the Distinguished Gentleman's Drive and my fund is currently sitting at number 3 in the world (around 560 drivers!)

very grateful...

Thanks to all for your support! 

Getting behind the wheel for The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive

Posted on Tuesday 10th

On Sunday, September 26th 2021, along with my distinguished companion, Doctor Darren Foley I'll be taking part in the world's first The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive in Bluey my 1959 MGA. Together with thousands of classic car enthusiasts around the world, I will be raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health for the charity, Movember. Before the dapper day, I'll be looking to raise as much as possible for the cause, to help men around the world live happier and healthier lives. With men's chances of developing prostate cancer later in life increasing, and one man dying every minute by suicide, we must do all we can to prevent more men from suffering. This is something that affects us all and together, we can make a change. Please give what you can.

Our Vehicle

We are driving together and together have raised $1,295

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Sanjiv Pabari

Safe driving, Dave. Great cause. Watch out for the Greenies and Lefties going at you about emissions!!!

$142 USD
Beau Small

$142 USD
Linda Feltman

Great cause Dave, have to say it will be a tough gig! :):)

$71 USD
Nicki & Steve Colam

Well done Dave, such a worthy cause. We hope you have lots of fun along the way and raise heaps of money!

$71 USD
Mel & Phil Hermans

Such a worthy cause. Well done on raising much needed funds.

$71 USD
Toby Sandell

Awesome cause - Well done, Dave!

$71 USD
Colin Mason

Hi Dave, A great cause and one I am happy to support! All the best, Col

$71 USD
Breeanna Charles

I hope this helps get you to #1 😉 sorry it’s taken me a while to donate.. it’s been on my ‘list’.

$71 USD

$68 USD
David Hedley-ward

$53 USD
David Hedley-ward

$53 USD
Chris Lewis


$36 USD
Lee Chapman

Brilliant stuff Dave

$36 USD
Carrissa Willis

$36 USD
Wayne Beck

Hope you have a suitable Cravat

$36 USD
Db & Amy Bennett

Well done Dave - an incredibly important cause! So proud of you for being a great person & always doing so much good professionally & personally.

$36 USD
Kayla Govan

Fantastic Cause!

$36 USD
Sam Abi

$36 USD
David Hedley-ward

$18 USD
Jenine Holt

Way to go Dave and Dr Foley, what a enjoyable way to raise funds for a great cause.

$14 USD
Scott Louis

$14 USD
Joshua Hedley-ward

I shall never financially recover from this...

$14 USD
Sienna Korn

Well done Dave on supporting a worthy cause!

$14 USD
J Gilmour

$14 USD
Justin M

$14 USD
Cassie And Luke Kennedy

Amazing cause Dave!

$14 USD
Krystle Heron

$14 USD
Heather Smith

Great work Dave, what a lovely way to raise funds for a very worthy cause.

$14 USD
Matt Mikkelsen

$14 USD

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