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1969 Mazda Cosmo 110s

1970 Mazda RX87 R130

1970 Lotus Europa

1969 Mazda Bongo 1000


This is Year 1

Posted on Friday 30th

To anyone that catches this post, I would like to say thank you for being a part of this journey. I have been a classic car enthusiast since I was 18 and a rider since I was 25. Definitely threw myself in the deep end with DGR a year after getting my license! It has taken 10 years to get to this stage and although it has taken me 5 years longer than I thought it would, I am very proud to launch The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive. 

The goal this year is to build a strong foundation for growth in an organic and very authentic way. It won't be a huge marketing campaign and social media spend, it will be a grassroots, word-of-mouth campaign designed to capture those passionate about classic cars and men's health. This will give our volunteer hosts the opportunity to grow their friendship circles and DGD support for 2022. 

It has been an extremely tough 18 months for the majority of the world and our focus on giving men and women the opportunity to connect and smile is equally important to our fundraising campaign! Mental health has deteriorated for a lot of us. If you can donate, please do, if you can't, that is absolutely fine. Be there for the men and women in your lives, remind those over 45 to get checked for prostate cancer (well, if they are male.. don't make this awkward), and if you have a pre-1980s classic car, join us as we support the amazing work of Movember. 


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Well done brother! Can’t wait to see the photos!

$349 USD
Mark Hawwa

$342 USD
Paul Ricketts

Good luck with the 1st Distinguished Gentlemans Drive.

$142 USD
Steven Farmer

Congrats Mark and the team on launching this one, can't wait to see it grow exponentially from here!

$142 USD
Luke Colzato

Take my sister Ellen for lunch please. She's a social media / Photoshop / insta / canva etc legend. I don't even understand her world but she can't get a job this last few months in covid world. Her number is 0407257085 she just needs to get out of the house and meet cool people to lift her spirits so she'll keep on trucking. Of course your experience and stories would be gold. Peace out dude, got so much car work to do b4 I cu at next dgd ! 🙂 Don't tell my sis and try not to hit on her...

$142 USD

Congrats on the milestone Mark, looking forward to a spin in the Cosmo

$142 USD

Hopefully you get to drive soon!

$142 USD
Carolyn Unwin

$142 USD
Scott Macken

Fomo payment lol

$142 USD
Campbell Gould

$142 USD
Chris Nathan

Enjoy the drive and keep up the good work

$142 USD
James Livas

Thanks for the fun times. Love what you do

$142 USD

Great work!

$71 USD

Congrats Mark on another awesome event and the work you do for men’s health!

$71 USD
Matt Kain

Go you good thing!

$71 USD
Yasmin & Lina Ilic

$38 USD
Mark Conlon

Tally Ho Mark.

$36 USD
Peter Kyprianou

Good luck hope it’s a huge success

$36 USD
Pierre Hannawe

Thanks for today bro 😘😘😘

$36 USD
Neale Salt

Drive on Dude!

$14 USD
Adam Sanzo

$14 USD
Pieter Loftus

Cheeky donation.

$14 USD