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Posted on Saturday 7th

I am entered and hope that everyone gets behind me and dontes to help get to the goal. It's a great cause and donations of any size are welcome

Getting behind the wheel for The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive

Posted on Wednesday 4th On Sunday, September 26th 2021, I'll be taking part in the world's first The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive. Together with thousands of classic car enthusiasts around the world, I will be raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health for the charity, Movember. Before the dapper day, I'll be looking to raise as much as possible for the cause, to help men around the world live happier and healthier lives. With men's chances of developing prostate cancer later in life increasing, and one man dying every minute by suicide, we must do all we can to prevent more men from suffering. This is something that affects us all and together, we can make a change. Please give what you can.

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Gerry Murphy

$142 USD
Phil Macphail

Drive save sir you are a good man .

$71 USD
Liz Jones

Great Cause

$71 USD
Judy Watson

All the beast for the drive . I hope my contribution helps .

$71 USD
Kerry Johnston

We are sorry that we can’t be there and hope that it is a successful day.

$68 USD
William Johns

Enjoy the day mate, A great cause.

$36 USD
Nathan Block

$36 USD
Graeme Block

$36 USD
Dulcie Sullivan

$36 USD
Warren Clarke

This $50 should tip you over the grand! Well done!

$36 USD
Malcolm King

$36 USD
Holly Morgan

$36 USD
Ben Ranford

$18 USD
Peter Horton

I'm in (in spirit)

$14 USD
Anne Mcgovern

$7 USD

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