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Getting behind the wheel for The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive

Posted on Wednesday 4th

On Sunday, September 26th, John and I will be driving the extremely dapper FE in the world's first, The Distinguished Gentleman's (mmm gentleperson's ?) Drive. Thousands of classic car enthusiasts around the world are raising funds for Movember. We'd appreciate your assistance in helping to raise funds for the cause, to help men around the world live happier and healthier lives. This affects us all, and together we can make a change. Donations are tax deductible so please give what you can - any amount is appreciated. 

My Sponsors

Robert Bradshaw

Have fun 👍

$71 USD
Chris Doull

$71 USD
Paul Burke

Don't forget the fox tail!!

$71 USD
Graeme Gilbert

Great effort Kathi and John. XX

$68 USD
Keith Forrest

A great cause, all the best for tomorrow!

$36 USD
Tim Ireland

$36 USD
Philip Ivanov

enjoy the drive in a top car supporting a great cause.

$36 USD
Ole Andresen

A worthy cause Kathi

$28 USD
Bill Killey

Well done Kathi and Hubby. A great cause and what an FE!!!

$18 USD
Chris Black

$17 USD
Mishelle Garreffa

$17 USD
Kelly Davis

$14 USD
Grant Zippel

$14 USD

$14 USD
Phil Dutton

$14 USD
Lisa Lew

$14 USD
Sue Fairclough

$14 USD