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Why I chose this charity

Posted on Friday 27th

This is a perfect marriage for me.  My love of cars brought me to this drive, I was selected by this group to join, so I read up on Movember and their history.  My recent experience with epilepsy has me focused on   mental health, and I am very moved by The Distinguishesd Gentleman's Drive targeted men's health issues of both prostrate cancer and mental health.  I have always wanted to find the right opportunity to give back and this could not be any better of a fit.  You all know my passion for driving, but many of you may not know I was voted best dressed in high school hahaha.  Well what better way to raise money for a spectacular purpose than driving the Mustang with a dapper suit or slick get-up fir the day.  I hope you'll join me in donating.  

Getting behind the wheel for The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive

Posted on Sunday 8th On Sunday, September 26th 2021, I'll be taking part in the world's first The Distinguished Gentleman's Drive. Together with thousands of classic car enthusiasts around the world, I will be raising funds and awareness for prostate cancer and men's mental health for the charity, Movember. Before the dapper day, I'll be looking to raise as much as possible for the cause, to help men around the world live happier and healthier lives. With men's chances of developing prostate cancer later in life increasing, and one man dying every minute by suicide, we must do all we can to prevent more men from suffering. This is something that affects us all and together, we can make a change. Please give what you can.

My Sponsors

Christopher Naugler

$208 USD
Robert & Nancy Chiacchio

Enjoy the ride while helping others! That's a win win for all. You're a special person to us and we're happy to contribute to your efforts. Good Luck!

$104 USD
Jeanette Reed

Best Wishes Chris. Anita and I are so happy you have found something to satisfy your giving goals. Love you, always!

$104 USD
Rob & Shannon Chiacchio

$104 USD
Terri And Paul

Sounds like a great cause! Have fun and send a picture of your dapper attire!

$104 USD
Elaine Young

Sorry I am late to the party. Hope you enjoyed your dapper drive and hope you go over your goal! Love, Elaine and Dennis

$104 USD
Danielle Naugler

Love this, Uncle Chris! What a fun event and excellent cause! Grateful for your health and wellness and for the impact you're making on others'. xo

$104 USD
Matthew Muscato

Uncle Chris, this seems like a great cause! PS I didn't know you had that mustang too, it looks gorgeous. Good Luck! Matt and Nadia

$100 USD
Jo Develis

$52 USD
Laura Digregorio

$52 USD
Nick Pacitto

$52 USD
Bernie Develis

$52 USD
Kelly And Don Naugler

You rock Dapper Chris! A great cause!

$52 USD
Susan Randall-johnson

$52 USD

$52 USD
Don Naugler

Have fun on your Gentlemen’s Drive. Hope you reach your goal! Love, Dad

$52 USD
Midge Naugler

Have a dapper Gentlemen’s Drive, Chris! Best of luck making your goal! Love, Ma

$52 USD
A&o Woods

Have fun Uncle Chris!

$50 USD

$21 USD

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